Welcome to Ambassadors of Christ
With Pastor Julio & Rosa Torres
With open arms and filled with love we receive you!
We are a loving church dedicated to making sure that all who cross our paths receive the warmest welcome. Offering prayers, word of God ministering and friendship.  Ambassadors of Christ Church is the place for you! Jesus said that they who worship must worship in spirit and truth, so we strive to lift up the spirit with the truth of the gospel using any media possible. We look forward to hearing from you and maybe visiting our services. 
We are the body of Christ!
Our core believe is in God as the head and father of us all and Jesus Christ his Son who came to die for mankind only to save them. As well, as in the Holy Spirit, we believe that he is our counselor and friend that leads us to the Son; for by grace we are saved. We also believe in the bible as God's spoken word to man. We hope that you join us and be apart of this wonderful power filled family of God. 
A Christmas witness
Mary Jesus' mother had a choice to either risk her to be marriage or abort her God gift when deciding to tell Joseph that she was pregnant. But, she chose to risk it all, her family, her name and her relationship and became that very first witness to the Messiah. Becoming a witness to what God has done is the essence of Christmas! 
Why come?
  • You will feel the presence of God.
  • You will be treated like you belong.
  • You will be loved.
  • Fellowship with you will be prioritized.

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6111 W. Grand  Chicago 60639